One Vicious Circle

The more I write, the less I ….

clean house, go out shopping (Scott likes that!), do laundry, make the beds, bake, primp myself in front of the mirror, do email, read the paper, read books for pure pleasure and escape, idly look at a magazine, study a cookbook, plan a healthful dinner, watch tv, exercise….

and the more time I spend in my head…thinking…about words, turning phrases over…dreaming a story…saying the dialogue with my inner voice, trying it out loud, imagining the words on screen…on paper…words, words everywhere, listening to the words and sounds of others, watching how the world and its people move around me, describing how I see it, how I hear it, how I feel it…searching for paper to scribble down an idea, a sound, a smell, a funny exchange, an attempt to accurately describe a feeling of love, hate, anger, joy…

the more I write.

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